• Recipes for Success: Making Pet Rat Medications Appetizing

    Posted on October 25, 2014 by in Health

    Giving pet rats their medication can be a vexing endeavor. The last thing you want to do is to cause stress, which is exactly what happens when you squirt liquid medicine into your rat’s mouth. The secret is to mix medications with yummy ingredients. Your rat will never know that gourmet tid-bit wasn’t a fancy hors d’hoeuvre.

    Here are some recipes to try next time your pet rat needs medicine:

    peanut butter cookie

    Peanut Butter Cookie

    Peanut Butter Cookie

    Tear off a small piece from a slice of bread. The size should be just slightly larger than the liquid medicine will soak into. Spread a very thin layer of peanut butter on top. Squish it all together and form it into the shape of a cookie and “Voilà!”, you have a rat-sized peanut butter cookie.

    VERY IMPORTANT WARNING ABOUT PEANUT BUTTER: Rats can easily choke on peanut butter if you use too much. This is why you need to smear on a very thin layer, just enough to mask the bad taste of the medicine. If you were to give your rat a “glob” of peanut butter, it would be extremely dangerous.

    Avocado Chicken Fusion Delight

    Avocado Chicken Fusion Delight

    Avocado Chicken Fusion Delight

    This one’s a favorite in our household…..

    Place a small amount of baby food in a little dish. (I use organic chicken baby food or a mix that contains chicken placed in a little soy sauce dish.) The amount of baby food should be slightly larger than the amount of liquid medicine. Squirt the medicine from a syringe on top of the baby food. Mix in a small amount of avocado. (I use about a 1/8″ cube.)  Optional: Top with about 5 grains of cooked rice.

    Other combinations to try are:

    • Mashed banana mixed with a little peanut butter
    • Canned soup, mashed with a spoon (if not already pureed) mixed with an 1/8 teaspoon avocado and topped with about 5 grains of rice

    Some people have great success mixing their rats’ medications with jelly or with whipped cream. My preference is to find healthy ingredients to blend in with the medicine, ma
    sking any bitter taste.

    Mixing MedicationWhatever ingredients you choose, always use the smallest amount possible. Your treat shouldn’t be so large your rat can eat around the medicine. If your rat is on several different medications, sometimes its easier to make a separate treat for each medication. That way, if s/he doesn’t eat one of them, you’ll know which medication she didn’t eat and you can try mixing just that one with something different.

    There are so many different things to try mixing with pet rat medications. If the first combination you try doesn’t work, try something different until you discover what your rat finds delectable. The possible options are limitless and so worth exploring so your rat can consume medication and not even know it.

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  1. Ann Staub says:

    I love these recipes and the names that you’ve give them (cute!). I mentioned the compounded medications our clinic got recently. Well, we always had them flavored in fruity flavors for all the small animals. Most of the small pets took the meds with no problem like this, but some were still resistant to them.

    • Nice to hear from you, Ann! I sometimes use these recipes with medications (such as you mentioned) that are compounded with different flavors. There are also medications that I mix into these recipes that are not flavored at a compounders, however. Examples are Buprenex and injectable Baytril. It feels so good to find healthy ingredients to mix in with the medicine instead of using processed, sugary foods such as whipped cream or jelly.