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  1. Zachary says:

    After wanting rats for a very long time, I adopted two 6 week old boys from a rat rescue shelter. Tansy and Xephy. They’ve been in my life about two and a half months, and they’re bonding with me beautifully. Every night, they wait for me to get them out of their rat condo, and then spend four or five hours happily nestled under my sweater or sitting on my shoulder. I love my little guys!

    • Hi Zachary!

      How wonderful that you have rats. Boys are the sweetest. Tansy and Xephy are very fortunate to have found a home with you and to get to spend so much time with you.

      Best Wishes to You & Your Rat Boys,

      Jasmine | About Pet Rats

  2. How PAWdorable. And the caption fits the photo PAWfectly. Have a great week my friend…

  3. Robin says:

    What a cute little face! It is so true – some people don’t put much effort into seeing the beauty in the world.

  4. Heather Reid says:

    Hi, I’m Heather. I found this article on the blog paws blog hop. Thank you for sharing this. I have had mice, never rats, but you are very right on their beauty.