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  1. A Husky Life says:

    I love this! I work as a animal massage practitioner and I have massaged a variety to different pets and farm animals, but I have yet to work on a pet rat – something I’m definitely looking forward to!

    • That’s so great you work as an animal massage practitioner! How interesting that you’ve given massages to farm animals. I want to hear more!

      A few years ago, I made appointments for two of my rats with a licensed animal massage therapist. She’d never given rats massages before and was excited to have the opportunity. She even studied up on rat anatomy and physiology prior to their appointments.

      What struck me as fascinating was that, in the beginning of their appointments, each rat had no idea they were getting a massage. It took them awhile before they caught on, calmed down and surrendered. It’s so different from us humans who start out in a passive, ready-to-receive mode. I suppose if my rats had massage appointments every week, they’d learn to associate the person with the massage and would relax right from the start.

      With rats, the males especially enjoy being massaged. Henderson, the rat pictured here will walk right over to me just so I can start massaging him. He’ll even lie on his side or on his back to receive a massage in just the right place.