Where to buy medications

It is NOT a good idea to order medications online or to buy them from anyone other than your veterinarian. Here’s why:

Many manufacturers of veterinary medications sell their drugs only to veterinarians. Therefore, when you purchase a drug from an online pharmacy, you are buying diverted product. Medications are called “diverted” when they are procured through unauthorized channels. When this occurs, the medication’s safety and integrity can be compromised.

Purchasing medications obtained without the manufacturer’s authorization may result in:drawing of vera

  • Adverse reactions are not covered by manufacturer. When purchased directly from your veterinarian the drug manufacturer guarantees their medication and pays for any resulting treatment needed.
  • Medications may not have been properly shipped. Shipments not regulated for heat or cold and inadequate packaging may result in ineffective or damaged and unusable medication.
  • Your rat is exposed to health risks that may become more difficult to manage when the medication’s authenticity and integrity are questionable.

Don’t “guess” and decide on your own that your rat needs a certain medication. Instead, only give your rats medications when they’re prescribed by your veterinarian.


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